About this website

First and foremost, thank you for visiting my photography web site! I hope you enjoy the visit.

This website displays the works of my most current creative explorations. Explorations both directly and indirectly a result of my parent's influences in my exposure to nature and art. I could never thank them enough for everything they ever provided me. I dedicate this site in their memory.

My father was an ecologist/environmental scientist by training who ended up being more a manager/administrator in the sciences field. Accordingly, he provided me an appreciation of, and a thorough exposure to, the natural world, but also, a very practical and pragmatic personality. He was an avid but not very good photographer. Sometimes I wonder if he simply enjoyed torturing his family by sticking cameras in our faces and following up with horrible slide shows. As an adult, I can now appreciate how great it was that he documented our family's travels, frequently to beautiful areas. And, like most photographs, the special moments they capture lasts much longer then the memory of the moment.  As a further influence, he passed on his Pentax equipment to me for my first real camera setup and I continue to use Pentax to this day. 

My mother was a librarian who ended up being a Mom. In her younger days, she worked at the Natural History Museum in Chicago where she got her initial appreciation of natural things. She also met my father there. Though not an outdoor enthusiast, she enjoyed being outdoors and especially enjoyed things of beauty that made up the landscape or lived upon it. Where my father was more focused on the science of the environment surrounding us, my mother focused on the beauty encapsulated within it. Not surprisingly, my father seemingly had no artistic sense whatsoever, whereas my mother possessed style and creative perspectives that ranged from traditional to very modernistic.  She encouraged her children to explore their creative sides including having [forcing] us to take music lessons and more to my liking, various arts and crafts classes. I am fortunate that she gave me those opportunities. Amazingly, she even saved some of my early "works" some of which I have "on display" in my home today.

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